Acorn Inn Exterior


Indulge in our rabbit pasta, a culinary masterpiece melding tender rabbit confit with al dente pappardelle. Highlighting local flavours and artisanal craftsmanship, it's a must-try for food enthusiasts in a quaint countryside setting.


Savour the rich flavours of Dorset’s finest brews by sampling one of our local ales at The Acorn Inn. This is a quintessential experience which captures the essence of traditional English hospitality.


Experience the charm of one of our Four Poster Rooms, where historic elegance meets modern comfort. These rooms offer luxurious four-poster beds, antique furnishings, and picturesque countryside views, perfect for a romantic getaway or a peaceful retreat.


Dorset is rich with country pursuits that will leave you in awe of the English countryside. Durdle Door's iconic arch sits a short drive away from Summer Lodge, where you will find this iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site. 


Embark on a MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience that will leave you in awe and inspires positive change. Join Summer Lodge's Head Gardener Robin Andrews, who will guide you through the vital process of good soil management to help you make the most of your garden or allotment.


Meet Ana Martinis, our Head Chef. Ana is passionate about showcasing Dorset's beautiful, seasonal, and organic produce for our guests.