Falconry at Summer Lodge

The marvel of nature

Discover the ancient form of falconry and enjoy a truly unique experience.


Discover the ancient form of falconry at Summer Lodge just a short walk from The Acorn Inn. Paul, together with his Harris hawks Bertie, Titch, and Bumble, will treat guests to a unique experience.

After a short introduction to the hawks, you’ll take a 60 - 90 minute stroll around the grounds, with a chance to learn all about these majestic birds of prey. Watch as the hawks leave and return to Paul's glove on command, swooping and soaring overhead with impressive speed and agility.

To ensure your safety during this time, you can choose whether to have a hands-on encounter with the birds or a no-hands-on encounter (with gloves).  

Falconry at Summer Lodge
Castle Window


£65 per person or £110 for two people

Children must be accompanied by an adult over 18 years old.

Please note: This experience is currently unavailable.